SkyDance Astrology offers many services geared to assist in your evolution as a Soul working out purpose through a human body temporarily evolving on Earth. By the maxim, “As Above, So Below,” we believe that this earthly existence is a means of understanding how our Soul is evolving, not just our personalities. As an astrological consultant we can offer the means of translating the language of symbols, dreams and “coincidental” happenings into tools for use in our own evolution. To that end we offer:

Private Consultations
Group Consultations and/or Mini Readings
Combination/Affiliate work with other types of Consultants
Traveling Exhibit of Stained Glass Panels
Annual or Seasonal Retainers
Written Reports

What Does “As Above, So Below” Mean?

“As Above, So Below” is an ancient maxim which beautifully illuminates the relationship between our earthly existence and our spiritual seeking.

Concurrently with our tangible earthy change is our spiritual evolution. This is a dynamic process. Indeed, the observable results of our spiritual changes manifest daily. Therefore, how the earthly life unfolds is a direct clue to our spiritual evolution.

The essence of “As Above, So Below” is not punitive in nature, there is no room for blame; for the power of “As Above, So Below” lies in understanding the meaning of our lives. The more conscious we become, the more aware we are of our place in the Universe. This knowledge provides us with the optimal foundation to evolve into our full potential. Embracing the choices placed before us in order to reach our full potential is the express goal of Esoteric Astrology.

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