Esoteric Psychology

The Science of the Seven Rays

What is Esoteric Psychology?

It is said that the Age of Aquarius is the Age when Esoteric Astrology and Esoteric Psychology come into their own, the Age when they are most needed and most relevant. All is energy. As the accompanying picture portrays, a cosmic force – which we can call Divinity – sends forth seven streams of specific energy which are far enough beyond our understanding that even in the bible they are called “The Seven Spirits Before the Throne.” These streams of energy affect everything that is in our solar system, from physical existence to behavior and the evolution of all forms within their streams of expression. In order for mankind to understand them, these streams of energy are “stepped down” through the seven sacred planets which we have long studied through Esoteric Astrology and which then impact us in many ways, through our chakras, through our five subtle bodies and through everything in our environment. Because humankind is made up of energy we express this Divine energy through our unique individual makeup. It is said that the Seven Rays are Divinity expressed as Truth, Beauty and Goodness. An introductory, six-part recorded Rays course is available if you’d like to learn more. Learn how the Trinity, the Seven and the Twelve are inherent in every religion in the world, because of the Seven Rays. This IS the psychology of the future. Please contact SkyDance@SkyDanceAstrology for more information on this course.

We were all born with a specific Ray complement just as we were born with an astrological birth chart. This complement completes another piece of the puzzle of who you are. Of the 7 Rays possible you have 5 rays ruling your 5 bodies: Soul and Personality which is made up of: Mental Body, Astral/Emotional body and Etheric-Physical body. Analyzing which of the 7 rays make up your complement involves a series of detailed questions to determine something of who you are. Dr. Douglas Baker of Claregate College created this form of analysis. We are four esoteric psychologists and astrologers from Dr. Baker’s Claregate College who are offering their skills and knowledge to conduct your ray analysis as a team.

Meet the Team

Rebecca Dingle, B.A., Ph.D., B.Es.Psych., B.Mph., B.Es.Astrol.

Rebecca met Dr. Baker in 1975, after a long spiritual search.  Dr. Baker’s teachings on the Seven Rays and Esoteric Psychology were her entrée to spending 10 years studying and working at his college in England, where she assisted Dr. Baker with Ray readings and helped design and run the correspondence course in metaphysics.  She presented an introduction to the Seven Rays as part of Skydance Astrology’s 2016 workshop, and most recently teamed up with Charlene to teach a Zoom course on the Seven Rays and Esoteric Psychology.

Gary Kidgell B.Mph and Bsc (Hons)

Gary first met Douglas Baker in 1991 in London when he received a Ray Analysis. He thereafter studied for a Bachelor of Metaphysics Degree at Claregate College and, upon completion of his studies, Gary was invited to become a course tutor. He has lectured on Esoteric Psychology and undertaken Ray Analyses in the UK, Bulgaria, Italy and, more recently, online. Gary, together with Alan Boxall, recently complied an online audio-visual course on the Seven Rays, this being based upon the works and innovative techniques of Douglas Baker. Gary has published two books: The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self and Greek Hero Myths: Symbols of Transformation.

Alan Boxall B.Mph,  B.Es.Astrol

In the late 1970’s Alan enrolled into the Claregate College Metaphysics Course where he first came into contact with the college’s principal professor Dr Douglas Baker. From then on Alan has had a long association with Dr Baker and the Claregate Group, assisting on lecture tours in the UK, USA and Europe. Alan lived at Dr Baker’s ashram for a number of years and worked with the Claregate group on many projects such as: book publishing, video production and international summer schools. Alan now teaches astrology, seven Ray psychology, metaphysics and is part of the team publishing Dr. Baker’s books.

Charlene R. Johnson B.Mph,  B.Es.Astrol

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