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The Natal or Birth chart is the blueprint to your Soul’s Purpose. This blueprint, translated and interpreted by the trained astrologer/consultant can give you guidance for pursuing your Soul’s Purpose.

What is an Esoteric Astrology Reading?

A reading is the method whereby a professional Astrologer translates the astrological glyphs into something the layperson can understand. This can be in writing, on the phone, via Skype or face-to-face.

How do the readings work?

Through the language of astrological symbols, the trained astrologer can translate the meanings of these symbols and give appropriate advice as to how your personality can be directed in ways compatible with the Master Plan of your Soul. Soul’s Purpose Astrology is NOT a process of memorizing formula or spitting out a computer report. Through training, intuition and dreams, the astrologer’s Higher Self connects with your Higher Self. YOU already know; you are simply seeking assistance in remembering.

What is the Natal or Birth Report?

The Natal chart, also known as the horoscope, is the blueprint or map to that Soul’s Purpose. To a trained esoteric astrologer, reading this chart is translating a language of symbology. Esoteric astrology is also known as The Language of the Soul. The Soul rarely speaks to us in the English language, more often preferring the use of symbols which the personality can understand. Dreams and messages through Nature are prime examples of this, but the Natal Chart is the most explicit example.

Every symbol and aspect in an astrological chart has more than one meaning.

An aspect is a description of an energy packet. Thus, while this IS an exact science, astrology translation is neither set in stone, nor fate. Within the parameters of your chart, you still have free choice to manifest everything from the lowest to the highest meanings of every symbol and aspect. As we evolve spiritually, or begin to seek on a spiritual level, the esoteric astrology automatically becomes operable. If you have had past traditional readings, you may actually feel as if you have outgrown your own chart.

Why do I need my birth date, place and exact birth time?

The Time is much more critical for esoteric astrology than for orthodox astrology. Soul’s Purpose Astrology is based firstly on your Rising Sign, not your Sun Sign and this is determined by the time of birth. Accuracy is imperative. If you are unsure of time, please research the information. This information is usually available from your birth certificate, birth hospital and/or county; sometimes from family. Online organizations can also assist in finding this information.

Oral Readings

Held by phone, Skype or face-to-face, oral readings allow for real-time questions and answers. By interacting with the astrologer you will learn about the gifts and the challenges you chose, and how to optimally navigate your Path. A recording is provided at the end of the reading via Dropbox, WeTransfer or whatever means you prefer.

What is in each Esoteric Astrology Written Report?

Reports contain information vital to you pursuing your Soul’s Purpose.

The Natal Report

The Starting Point to Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose. The Natal Report contains information about your Soul’s Purpose. It affects your entire life. It is the most important report and the foundation upon which all other readings are constructed.

A Progressed Report

A Progressed Chart will give you an up-to-date picture of how the movement of the planets is currently affecting you with new patterns, blessings and challenges. It details the temporary energy you are meant to learn about and use now.

A Compatibility Report

A Compatibility Report compares the charts – Natal, Progressed, Transits as required – between 2 people in order to determine potential challenges and blessings within their relationships. This can include Romantic relationships, Parent-Child, Employer-Employee, or any 2 people.

Answer to a Specific Question Report

When faced with an emergency, haunting question, or Life issue that you have been unable to resolve, or to gain guidance in pursuing a specific goal, the Specific Question Report provides an in-depth pursuit of that specific issue.

Birth of Anything New Report

A Natal Report or “Birth Report” can be done on anything: a new business launching, a pet, a relationship or a new idea.

Death Report

The Death Report can help explain to survivors the meaning of the Completion of a Life.

Transit Report

Transits help you pick out specific days for special events coming up in your life such as a wedding, signing of a contract, buying a new house, etc. This is the same method farmers have used for centuries in order to plant their crops and mate their animals at the most opportune times. Price depends on whether you have a narrow range of time vs. wide open.

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