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You don’t have to want to be an astrologer to learn about how esoteric astrology works.  This is a valuable tool in anyone’s Spiritual Toolbox, as is learning about the Seven Rays (Esoteric Psychology) or your archetypes.

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Esoteric Astrology, Esoteric Psychology (the Science of the Seven Rays) and Archetypal Consulting offer some of the most valuable insights into your Self which you can learn on your Spiritual Quest. Learn about Readings, Reports and Ray Analyses.

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Learn more about the differences between the  traditional and Esoteric Sciences, the Keys to the Ancient Wisdom. Also learn more about the person behind SkyDance Astrology, Charlene R. Johnson; her accreditation, experience and background.

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THE MISSION OF PLUTO “In the midst of darkness, light persists.” Mahatma Ghandi  We have mentioned in past columns that we are building up to the year, 2025, long predicted to be a turning point in human history. Pluto is symbolic of and part of this struggle. This is...

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TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung  This month we experience a total solar eclipse in the US. The next one won’t be until August 23, 2044. As esoteric scientists we could...

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Please join SkyDance Astrology as we present two new student teachers and one long-time collaborator for:  The Building Blocks, the Basis of Life, and the Ancient Wisdom of SACRED GEOMETRY  March 17, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: We begin by defining and assigning meaning to the...

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“I’ve read my report about 5 times and his about 3 times and many breakthroughs are revealed. “(His) chart is exceptionally on target, which is helpful as I understand his and my relationship now.” — T.
“Insights are over flowing…. Thank you for all 4 reports!” — R.
“Thanks so much for such a deep connection through the ideas, your thoughts and especially your special dream.” — Joan
“I began reading it, but soon realized this was something that I wanted to give full attention to. I am in respectful awe of how you have used your knowledge and gifts to compile this chart for me. I so appreciate it!  I know I will benefit from this information, and indeed have already done so!” — Shelley
“The binding that it came in was absolutely lovely, a really nice personal touch indeed! I wanted to say thanks.” — Marty
“Got report yesterday. Holy cow. How fascinating and enlightened I am now. Will be sharing with — today. How wonderful to understand myself now.” — Chris

“During our session you told me that I would soon know my best career path/ life purpose path. I have!! Thank you for your astrologically-based insight.” — Geri

“By the way, just about every single thing in my last progressed chart came to fruition. Pretty cool!!! Thanks again.” — Karen
“I look forward to (my new baby’s) reading! I hope it’s good. But whatever it is, I believe in your work and I believe in you; I think you’re great! I’m looking forward to it.”   ̶  Amy
“There is much to be chewed on in your delineation and I am finding this all VERY useful. Thank you for undertaking this noble profession. May your path be illumined by the stars!”  ̶  Phil  
“This has been the best experience of my life! I was humbled and amazed at how all things were brought together… you have changed my life, and this world!” - Niki
“I’ve read my report several times and am still ‘digesting’ it. It’s a masterpiece – deep and complex – just perfect for Scorpio! I’m learning a lot just by reading and reflecting, and am amazed at the cover. Just as you predicted it has symbolic meaning.” - Marion
“Charlene, I really hope that you’re around in my next lifetime; you’ve helped me so much and I’m ever so grateful!” - Christina
“Thank you! Your reading brought some peace to my life … it made me realize I am right on track. It also gave me something to look forward to and to reach for. I have already recommended you to a few friends.” - Patricia
“Oh my, that’s some gift you have, girl. I’m stunned…let me say this right now: I am in awe. Oh, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” - Mark
“I got to read my report and I am very delighted to see how much you knew about me! I didn’t tell you all that did I?” - Dianne
“Recently, when I was in the depths of despair and suffering, I reached out to you for assistance.  You acknowledged my pain, reaffirmed that my experience had purpose; which was for my benefit and foresaw the culmination of my suffering within three months.  I am so delighted to confirm that everything you shared with me has come to fruition.  I honestly did not believe my experience would ever change, especially not within three months.  You have made a believer of me once again.  Thank you for ALL that you do!” - Renee
“I have known Charlene for over fifteen (25 now) years. As part of my work I am often asked to recommend a ‘good astrologer.’ Enter Charlene Rose Johnson. All of my friends, clients and students have returned to me with glowing reports of their astrological experiences with Charlene. Typically they speak of her extraordinary accuracy and enlightening guidance. My wife and I had our charts done by Charlene. WOW !! Like most of the people I sent to her found out, she was able to give answers to questions we didn’t even know we had ! If you are considering having your chart done and read, I highly recommend Charlene Rose Johnson. You won’t be disappointed.” - Tammy
em>“It has been difficult to find a good quiet time to adequately express my immense appreciation and voluminous feedback on my report. OMG. Feels like I will be trying to capture Niagara Falls in a shot glass. Did I say OMG?” - Clare
I loved your class.  The study of Esoteric Astrology really resonates with me! - Julia
“I am asking you to do two things for January, one is the regular monthly column (our readers would crucify me if we didn’t have that for one month!). The other would be . . .” - Lou
“Wow, oh my goodness,WOW. That was awesome! Ok I have read the whole thing and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’m a little overwhelmed and extremely impressed. You have condensed so much information into these pages leaving me feeling humbled and empowered all at once. There is such a deep understanding and loving support for my growth and unfolding of who I am becoming. I did mention inspiring didn’t I?” - Cecilia
“Your talent in esoteric astrology is the result of much study and vast experience and I have benefited a great deal from it . . . Meeting you has certainly been a most valuable contribution to my life. Please know how grateful I am!” - Micheline
“I just want to say thank you so much. I am still so blown away. As I explained to you I am very cautious when seeking readers, but there was literally this light shining down on you, in that moment, on top of the other signs. You definitely were worth the wait. Thank you.” - Jenni
“I cried when I got my Natal Report. It validated everything that has always made me feel so different!”  - Michael Rebel, Psychotherapist
“Many Thanks! Charlene, I can’t describe how strongly I feel about the path I am on and your reading solidifies it! I have referred.” - Stacey
“Thank you so much for your very enlightening and thorough report. I understand what you mean by sending the hard copy and allowing time for me to “digest” it for a few days. Wow. Wow. Wow. I have so many questions. But still unable to put them in words 😳Thank you so much for your labor of love! I so appreciate you!” - Heidi
“I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you again for the reading. It helped me so, so much – I’ve been feeling a little lost lately & afraid of the path that I felt I was meant for. This helped me reaffirm that I was right, and gave me guidance and empowerment. It also helped clear up so many questions about why I am the way I am and some struggles I’ve had to continuously deal with. I’m truly grateful.” - Brittney
“I appreciate the report and summary you sent yesterday…It is your expertise in interpreting relationships that is of great value. Thank you for sharing your talent and skills once again.” - Rachel
“Thank you!….nodding and bowing…blessings …” - Brenda Heim, Fine Artist
“I just want you to know how instrumental you have been in my astrological searchings and understandings … a glass of water in a barren desert.” - Terry
“Charlene you are truly talented and blessed with a divine gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me so that I may have the opportunity to live a more enlightened life experience“ - Tammy



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