About Esoteric Astrology

What is the Difference Between traditional astrology and Esoteric Astrology?

Esoteric Astrology is based on the Rising Sign (the constellation-sign coming over the horizon at time of birth), NOT on the Sun Sign (birth month), which is the basis of traditional astrology. The Rising Sign is the first Signpost of a specific formula spelling out your Soul’s Purpose.

Once Esoteric Astrology is activated by the person’s spiritual journey, the planetary rulers for each of the Signs change from what they were under traditional astrology rules. We now include both our own planet, Earth and the planet nearest the Sun which is basically invisible now, Vulcan. Thus, every Sign has its own ruling planet: 12 houses, 12 signs, 12 planets.

Have you ever had the sensation that you’ve “outgrown your own horoscope?” You are probably right! When we begin living on a higher level, old meanings no longer suffice. Now, we enter the domain of Esoteric Astrology. When we consciously decide to align our personality with our Soul and to understand our higher purpose, then Soul’s Purpose Astrology automatically becomes operative while traditional astrology no longer feels like it fits.

What IS Esoteric Astrology?

KEYNOTE: Esoteric Astrology is interchangeably known as the “New Astrology, High Astrology,” or “Soul’s Purpose Astrology.”

Esoteric Astrology is the science of the stars applied to Man’s need to understand his/her own Higher Purpose and where he/she fits into the Purpose of the Universe. Arising out of the ancient tombs and temples of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India at the same time that orthodox astrology was created, it delves into the greater matter of Divine Origin. As mankind evolves into the Age of Aquarius, his/her spiritual need has evolved beyond the desire just to know the more mundane questions of daily life on Earth.

Esoteric, or Soul’s Purpose Astrology, is based on the premise that your Higher Self, or Soul chose its exact time, circumstances and place to come into this human existence in accordance with its Master Plan. When we begin to seek on a higher level than mere existence, we are entering the domain of Esoteric Astrology. When we consciously decide to align with our Soul and to understand our Higher Purpose, YOU don’t have to do anything; Soul’s Purpose Astrology automatically becomes operative.

When we live our lives according to our personality’s desires only, traditional astrology suffices. However, as we evolve, expanding our Consciousness and opening up to the reality of the Inner world over the old reality of the outer world, we change! In the words of Dr. Douglas Baker: “When people tread the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment, the changes that occur within their spectrum of consciousness and to their various subtle bodies are so vast that the planetary rulers no longer remain effective, except in those regions of their personalities which have changed the least!”

This is a seismic shift! This is a quantum leap forward! Now the onus and the opportunity are yours as you Consciously choose to make your daily choices in accordance with guidance from your Higher Self, from the Greater Being: “in whom we live and move and have our being.”

The “New” Astrology?

Although we are calling it the “New” Astrology, Esoteric Astrology is one of the most important Keys to the Wisdom Traditions of the ancients. Orthodox (or exoteric, which means “outer”) astrology was that used for the common people, while Esoteric (“inner” or “spiritual”) astrology was used by the priests and initiates, but with the idea that at some important point in the future, it would be necessary for it to be revealed and become accessible to more people. That time is the Age of Aquarius.
The New Astrology is the Language of the Age of Aquarius.

KEYNOTE: Madame Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey were among the first “modern day” people to receive and write about the ancient knowledge over 100 years ago. Dr. Douglas Baker then furthered their work and has written over 100 books on the Keys to the Wisdom Traditions, with an emphasis on the Astrological Key.

Dr. Douglas Baker’s Claregate College originated a new method of interpreting a chart based on the greater questions of, “Who am I?” “Why did I come Here?” and “What is my Purpose while I am Here?” The answers to these questions, provided by an astrologer trained in this scientific AND intuitive methodology offers the means for the personality to integrate with and work toward the purposes of the Soul.

“After many years of patient research in the ways of Orthodox medicine and its esoteric counterpart, I have no reason to change my firm belief that the cause of 90% of all disease lies in the inability of Man to express himself according to the purposes of his own Soul.” Douglas Baker; Esoteric Healing, Volume One.
The Natal or Birth chart is the blueprint to your Soul’s Purpose. This blueprint, translated and interpreted by the trained astrologer/consultant can give you guidance for pursuing your Soul’s Purpose.

Esoteric Psychology

What is Esoteric Psychology?

We were all born with a specific Ray complement just as we were born with an astrological birth chart. This complement completes another piece of the puzzle of who you are. Of the 7 Rays possible you have 5 rays ruling your 5 bodies: Soul and Personality which is made up of: Mental Body, Astral/Emotional body and Etheric-Physical body. Determining which of the 7 rays make up your complement involves a series of detailed questions to determine something of who you are. Dr. Douglas Baker of Claregate College created this form of analysis. We are four esoteric psychologists and astrologers from Dr. Baker’s Claregate College who are offering their skills and knowledge to conduct your ray analysis as a team.

The Wisdom Traditions

What is Wisdom Traditions

The Wisdom Traditions , also called “The Ageless Wisdom” or Perennial Philosophy has come down to us through many esoteric and religious traditions, but most recently and perhaps most succinctly (a strange term to apply to these writings, we know!) through the writings first of Helena P. Blavatsky and then Alice A. Bailey.

Beginning in 1888 with The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky, these mystery teachings were meant to reappear in time for the Aquarian Age and the changes which every spiritual tradition knew would be coming now. Both of these women (as well as others) received this information telepathically from Masters of the traditions.

These Masters are members of the Great White Hierarchy, a group of highly advanced Initiates committed to assisting in the Ascension of mankind. HPB was also active in the Theosophical Society whose foundations are based in the esoteric teachings as well. Much has been written on the background of the society and HPB so we will not further expound here.

Alice Bailey continued the work begun by HPB, receiving as amenuensis from the Master Djwahl Kul or “The Tibetan.” The result was many books disseminating the Ageless Wisdom teachings meant to appeal to all humankind of all walks of life. The goal was to go well beyond divisive and isolating religious dogma to create a unified society which includes a global spirit of religion: the foundation of the Age of Aquarius.

It is said there are 10 Keys to the Wisdom Traditions:

Dr. Douglas Baker carried all of these works into modern day, translating them into the language of this time and recognizing the importance of these concepts as the greatest teachings of our time. He established Claregate College in 1977 for the purpose of teaching the esoteric sciences, including quantum physics, dark matter, the Rays, UFOs and many, many more cutting edge subjects which are also ancient knowledge. His extensive published works are considered the largest by a single author anywhere in the world and encompass all of the Wisdom Traditions, of which in his own words;
“Esoteric Astrology is the Keystone to all the Wisdom Traditions.”

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