‘Wisdom never forgets that all things have two sides. Carl Jung

 We launch our month with four retrogrades and end the month with four, two of them different than what we started with. The two which remain the same throughout the month are two of our favorite retrogrades, Saturn and Pluto. In esoteric astrology we consider retrogrades the most sacred expression of a planet, whether beneficial or challenging. Retrogrades, which are the illusion of a planet moving backward due to that planet’s and the Earth’s differing ellipses around the Sun, means more opportunities and deeper meanings than the direct motion of a planet which has more limited and specific characteristics. The qualities of Pluto and Saturn are both less lovely when direct, though we love all of our planets for the lessons they are meant to teach. When Pluto, which is about darkness, hidden things and the underworld turns retrograde, all is revealed, brought into the light of day. Saturn, the planet of limitations, heavy burdens and chronic conditions now carries a lighter burden and the limitations are not as strict.

Many bemoan Mercury retrograde which we start the month with, along with Vulcan, its constant tagalong. While it’s true we may experience computer glitches and organizational hitches this is the time for pondering your future decisions rather than making them. More interior understanding and motivations can be discovered during this time. Vulcan on the other hand assists in releasing attachments when it goes retrograde, loosening the grip of the material world and concretizing ideas. These two sashay back to direct around Summer Solstice, just in time to welcome Jupiter and Neptune to the dance. Neptune when retrograde is the most spiritual expression of all the planets and while a retrograding Jupiter may lessen our joy or abundance, it also enables one to examine who one is within their own peer group in order to better determine how best to serve.

 Everyone: Day and Night are equal dance partners on June 21.


Planet: Mercury

Dynamic: You may feel mentally clumsy the first half of the month.

Direction: Try non-mental things – meditation, dreaming – until the second half.

Soul Thought: “The mind is the slayer of the real.” Helena Blavatsky


JULY 22 – AUG 22
Planet: Sun

Dynamic: Moving is over; time to settle in.

Direction: Into a house, a family, a belief system, a life.

Soul Thought: “The personality is the home of the Soul.” Dr. Douglas Baker


NOV 20 – DEC 21
Planet: Earth

Dynamic: Your direction is always direct.

Direction: Direct doesn’t necessarily mean straight lines.

Soul Thought: If you can’t go backward can you dance?


APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Planet: Vulcan

Dynamic: A great time to be the Observer.

Direction: Attachment to results is a good thing to release.

Soul Thought: What does Caring Detachment mean?


Planet: Moon

Dynamic: It’s an active month on many levels.

Direction: Use it or do it, well.

Soul Thought: “You will illumine as you have been illumined. It is the law.” Arcane School


 DEC 21 – JAN 20
Planet: Saturns

Dynamic: This could be a time to ask for help.

Direction: Friends are especially valuable now.

Soul Thought: A rainfall in the desert.


MAY 20 – JUNE 20
Planet: Venus

Dynamic: Busy time slows a bit; maybe more than you like.

Direction: Try being more interior than you usually are.

Soul Thought: The language of dreams.


SEPT 21  –  OCT 21

Dynamic: Your troubles may not be getting any easier . . .

Direction:  . . . but with pondering, they could be more easily understood.

Soul Thought: “Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” Carl Jung


JAN 20 – FEB 20
Planet: Jupiter

Dynamic: It’s true it might be a huge conspiracy.

Direction: Revelation is needed.

Soul Thought: What does it mean to be a disciple?


JUNE 20 – July 22
Planet: Neptune

Dynamic: The difficulty is one of identity.

Direction: Hang in there; clarification is possible by month’s end.

Soul Thought: Who are you? Really?


OCT 21 – NOV 20

Dynamic: That which was lost can be recaptured.

Direction: Ask if it wants to be recaptured.

Soul Thought: “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Henry David Thoreau


FEB 20 – MARCH 21
Planet: Pluto

Dynamic: The affairs of the world could gain clarity.

Direction: Apply that clarity to self IN the world.

Soul Thought: Is it secular or sacred?



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