“We rise by kneeling, we conquer by surrendering; we gain by giving up.” Labours of Hercules by Alice Bailey

           We have come through the fall equinox when the dark and the light hold equal sway and into the sign of Libra, the sign of equality. Libra, in its “natural” home which is the 7th house, perches literally on the horizon line, below which is the dark side of the chart and above the light. Below are the 6 houses which are all about self-development, me and my family; above are the 6 houses – starting with Libra – which are all about learning how to relate to others, those “out there,” those not necessarily like me. The rational mind sees opposites, divisiveness; it has a hard time connecting things that seem different. But our intuitive mind, our highest nature, does not know what separatism is. Libra is the sign that wants to make connections, build bridges, find ways to relate. Mid- month the Sun slips into the sign of Scorpio where we are tested as to how we are doing on our spiritual journey.

          Separateness is one of the nine heads of the hydra, which is the test of Scorpio in the “Labours”. The other eight are the lowest expressions of: sex, comfort, money, anger, fear, desire for power, pride and cruelty. Fighting one head at a time could not succeed; only when Hercules fell to his knees and raised the entire hydra into the light did he finally pass the test. By attending to the personality’s lower expressions of this hydra, which dwells in the murk of our own unconscious minds, we evolve spiritually. When we can remember the lessons of Libra and her love of equality and justice for all, at least one of the heads can be raised into the light where the illumined mind knows, We are All One.

 Everyone: All of the quotes this month come from the Labours of Hercules, each of which is applied to one of the zodiac signs. Read yours!


Planet: Mercury

Dynamic: Now’s the time to make it legal.

Direction: Sign the document!

Soul Thought: “Balance he needs and judgement sound, and preparation for a major test.”


JULY 22 – AUG 22
Planet: Sun

Dynamic: Going round and round about a decision?

Direction: Live with one as though it were fait accompli.

Soul Thought: Changing your mind is allowed.



NOV 20 – DEC 21
Planet: Earth

Dynamic: Some high-falutin’ ideas are brought down to Earth.

Direction: Time to test your values.

Soul Thought: “The individual who is consecrated and true to the spirit acts as the spirit in terms of human needs.”


APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Planet: Vulcan

Dynamic: You may hear bells ringing.

Direction: Hark ye well!

Soul Thought: What is the message?


Planet: Moon

Dynamic: You create some good dynamics this month for others.

Direction: Pat yourself on the back.

Soul Thought: But don’t rest on your laurels.


 DEC 21 – JAN 20
Planet: Saturns

Dynamic: Beware of causing yourself a setback.

Direction: Unless you need a new perspective.

Soul Thought: “By a slightly altered perspective, many of the terrifying experiences of life may be transformed by a beneficent sense of humour.”


MAY 20 – JUNE 20
Planet: Venus

Dynamic: It’s a time for grace and modesty.

Direction: With simplicity.

Soul Thought: “Hippolyte . . . wearing the girdle given her by Venus, queen of love; this girdle was symbol of unity.”


SEPT 21  –  OCT 21

Dynamic: You may need to seek financial advice.

Direction: Or posit it in your spiritual diary.

Soul Thought: Answers from the Highest Advisor.


JAN 20 – FEB 20
Planet: Jupiter

Dynamic: Uncertain finances first of the month may prove beneficial by the end.

Direction: Send out good vibes!

Soul Thought: Energy follows thought.


JUNE 20 – July 22
Planet: Neptune

CANCER   Planet: Neptune    JUNE 20 – JULY 22

Dynamic: Is your conscience clear?

Direction: The Universe is on your side to define clarity.

Soul Thought: “A test which will awaken, on the inner side of life, the fullness of his wisdom.”


OCT 21 – NOV 20

Dynamic: It may be time to do battle.

Direction: Be the Spiritual Warrior.

Soul Thought: “The light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with your own.”


FEB 20 – MARCH 21
Planet: Pluto

Dynamic: Though the struggle up the mountain continues, the view gets better.

Direction: Look up.

Soul Thought: In the shadow of the Father.



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