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Three Separate Zoom Series – All Will Be Recorded

January 22 & 23, 2022; 2:00 – 5:00 pm EST

This Introduction will go into what Bach Flower Remedies are, the history, the man who invented them, Dr. Edward Bach, and the processes whereby they are made.  A special Introductory rate of:   $30 for both days

March 5, 12, 26 & April 2, 2022; 2:00 – 5:00 pm EST

The second series will go into great detail covering the specific Flowers and how they can heal. Learn about the “12 Healers” and all 38 Bach Flower Essences.   $120 for all 4 days

Dates & Price TBD

The third series goes into detail describing how the Bach Flower Remedies can be paired and used with Esoteric Astrology, how they are intimately entangled.

Instructor: Giulia Lombardi from Italy

Giulia Lombardi is an Italian Naturopath who graduated from Anea Academy Florence. She lives in the Apuan Alps in Tuscany, Italy where she has a small farm growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. She works mostly with the pairings of Bach Flower Remedies and Esoteric Astrology. By preparing the remedies herself, Giulia is able to compare the differences between the two preparation methods and to personally experience the joyful results of using these remedies by following the teachings of Dr. Edward Bach, who so generously donated his discoveries to the whole world.

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