Featured Sign – Libra

 Libra-Stained Glass-Esoteric Astrology-copyright CRJimage001


Libra is an extraordinary Sign in that it is a Sign which evolves dramatically when we move from the traditional to the Esoteric Astrology. On the Zodiacal Wheel, it is the first Sign above the horizon line. The first 6 houses are below the line and the 7th house is our first step over the line, into the sky, the Higher Levels of Consciousness as it were. It is the equinox today, and the perfect Balance is between night and day, spring and fall, 1st 6 houses and the last 6 houses . . .

It is the first Sign which looks around and recognizes there are others in the world and that we might want to relate to those others in a new and committed way. Partnerships, such as portrayed in the lovely picture above become possibilities. So is the recognition of the fact that Laws hold not just our planet together, but all of Creation. Libra rules Laws and how we use them. The letter of the Law or the Spirit of the Law, which shall we obey? The Law of Balance and the Law of Attraction are just 2 of the Laws which provide the very foundations upon which our Spiritual lives can be built.


Brenda Heim’s painting, “Wings” is indicative to me of what can happen once we have spiritual foundations and when the Law of Balance is obeyed. A bird – birds are associated with Libra – can’t fly until it has learned how to balance those fingers of feathers thrusting out from the sides of its body, attached to delicate, fragile, hollow bones. It needs a solid foundation on which to perch until it is stable enough to fly. Then, Balance becomes the Joy of Flight, the Attraction of touching the stars, the Moon and the Sun and soaring back to Earth again. Libra is the one Sign which has one leg well planted right on the horizon and the other poised to fly, to run, to join with others in the true joy of Life.

“God is Law. We enter the Divine through the consistency of Law. If you violate the laws of your body, you will die. Everything is law; that’s why God is in everything. I am governed by the nature of the Divine, by law. What is law? It is the Law of Balance. God is always going to try to bring you back to balance.” Carolyn Myss, Lecture on SoulFood