Featured Sign – Gemini; Featured Ray – 2

Gemini_SkyDanceAstrology_Copyright  We have entered the season of Gemini, the first sign on the zodiacal wheel which is all about thought, intellect and the powers of the mind. From Aries (first sign on wheel) we had a kind of fire of mind which is more about creativity, instigation and inspiration. Then in Taurus (second sign) we began to recognize stuff, the material world and the fun of building and exploration of the physical bits about us. Now we come to Gemini and the mind becomes highly active. We want to know, to understand, to communicate all we know and understand with others. Sometimes, we forget about the space between thoughts.

This is also a time of duality. As our mind becomes curious about what exists beyond the material world, we realize that there is something more to us, something which the material world can’t explain. For the first time we see that we are two, body and soul, and that they don’t always see eye to eye. This could also be called the first conflict; Gemini rules both conflict and harmony. What could possibly be the purpose of conflict? To recognize harmony after working through the conflict. It’s a whole lot easier to look out there and point fingers for our problems, when all the time the difficulty lies in here. The idea, “The World is a Reflection of Me,” is not about ego, but about the recognition that we are all mirrors for one another. The reflection, the mirror is ruled by Gemini. It is the first time on the wheel that we look beyond ourselves and see things in others that we like or dislike. It is all the reflection of who we are, not who they are.


Only 2 signs of the Zodiac express a single Ray: Gemini and Libra. All other signs express 2 or 3 Rays. The singularity of these 2 signs expressing only 1 Ray makes that Ray shine through loud and clear of course. Gemini is 2nd Ray. The 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom is actually the dominant Ray of this current Solar System, meaning that everything in our world is “colored” by 2nd Ray first, then whatever other Rays and subjects we are discussing. The first 3 Rays of Aspect are the 3 which emanate as the Trinity from the Source, the first Word. The next 4 Rays of Attribute all derive as parts of the first 3. Thus the 2nd Ray is a very important Ray for this solar system and for us as human beings. Its color is Indigo, the predominant color of the very painting by Brenda Heim which forms my own website header. I chose it with Purpose!

Featured Sign – Taurus; Featured Rays – 1 & 4


Now that I have been doing this blog for a year,  I am changing my format a bit . If you have been following my blogs at all, you know that I have tried to incorporate colors, artwork, poetry or powerful writings, etc. All of this is part of the numenistic energy of esoteric astrology. I will continue to do this, but adding a heavier emphasis on the Rays.

Esoteric Astrology is just one key to the Ancient Wisdom Traditions. Another major key and perhaps the one which works most closely with esoteric astrology, is Esoteric Psychology, which is the science of the Rays. In the Ancient Wisdom Traditions, we believe that we start with the Word – 1 – then go to the Trinity – 3 – and the 3 break down into the 7 which then disperse among the 12. We have a very clear picture of this: 1 – 3 – 7 – 12.

Metaphysical Lesson 2 9

As this year continues on, both a new year for my blog and a new year for the Zodiac, I will talk more about this relationship. But for now, let’s move on into some Taurean ideas.

Taurus is the Romantic of the Zodiac. Other signs rule love, passion, marriage, but Taurus is the one who loves to bring the flowers and chocolates, sleep in late, and thoroughly enjoys life.

Think of the toddler, just past baby stage and into exploration, exploration of toes and fingers and other such accoutrement, exploration of this physical world we live in. Taurus is the appreciation of fine things, or, just things. This is the sign which connects us to our material world, sometimes too much. Of all the signs, Taurus can be the most materialistic. But the purpose of this stage of evolution is to learn appreciation without attachment. To do this requires both Will and Harmony. The first Ray of Will & Power (SCARLET) is just what it sounds like. It is the Will to Be. A bull striding through a field is certainly a good example of that concept. But that’s not all he is.

The 4th Ray of Art and Harmony through Conflict – YELLOW – expresses through Taurus mostly through the art and harmony part of this Ray. Taurus loves art and when well evolved is a fine expression of the Art of Living. Some of you may wonder why I focus on Brenda Heim’s artwork. Simple. I love it! It expresses TheJoyfulOne-abstract-calligraphy-painting-BrendaHeim-American-Painterso much, is so full of Life and Soul and it doesn’t impose upon whatever YOU might see and feel about the painting. At the risk of doing exactly that, I like the scarlet and yellow of the Rays as well as the fact that it looks like a great splash of flowers in a field, just like Ferdinand the Bull might choose to lie down in. 🙂