“If the house of the world is dark, love will find a way to create windows.” Rumi

           This month of Love proffers some interesting challenges regarding the topic. The planet of marriage/partnership (Uranus) in the sign of values/security (Taurus) challenges (and is challenged by) Saturn, the planet of long-term karma/initiation in the sign of all of humanity, Aquarius. This strong challenge isn’t the only one this month. Mars is also challenging and being challenged by Venus. (Need we explain this one?) So, right up until the 26th it is Man vs Woman and One-on-One partnerships vs the rest of humanity. It’s not a month set up for an easy, flirty, fun Valentine’s Day.

          However, “The Soul Loves a Challenge!” This is an important esoteric maxim. We don’t tend to grow much when all is going well; in fact, science has proven that we don’t even remember those good times anywhere near as well as we remember the bad times. We will remember 2020 and January of 2021. We have been living through times of high potential for Soul Growth.

This month we have the opportunity of standing with our partners, be they spouses, business or dear friends and then looking out at “them” and making a conscious decision to love, each other AND them, no matter what. Men and women can gaze across the gulf of differences between the two and choose to figure it out anyway. These four planets in the signs of Values and Humanity give us the opportunity to determine who we really are. Are we our challenges? Or are we what we choose to become, together, in the face of challenge? While it IS a time for social change, we can do it while remembering to love.

 Everyone: Choose to love.


Planet: Mercury

Dynamic: Lots of ideas fluttering around in that head of yours.

Direction: Until the 21st, it’s time for pondering those ideas.

Soul Thought: Not doing.


JULY 22 – AUG 22
Planet: Sun

Dynamic: Friends matter a lot right now.

Direction: Count them up; along with your blessings.

Soul Thought: “Remember, George, no man is a failure who has friends.” Clarence, It’s a Wonderful Life.


NOV 20 – DEC 21
Planet: Earth

Dynamic: Until mid-month you could be caught up in everyone else’s troubles.

Direction: Determine whether they are really yours.

Soul Thought: The Observer vs the Participant.


APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Planet: Vulcan

Dynamic: A series of events may free up something you’ve been working on since last month.

Direction: Easiest to conclude by the 20th.

Soul Thought: It’s not dust to dust, it’s light to light.



Planet: Moon

Dynamic: The last few days of the month are particularly . . . “right” for you.

Direction: Feel the peace.

Soul Thought: “I will outlive the moon; I will outgrow the stars.” Dr. Douglas Baker


 DEC 21 – JAN 20
Planet: Saturns

Dynamic: It’s a time for expansion of thought.

Direction: Grow a bigger box!

Soul Thought: When the suffering of humanity can raise Consciousness.


MAY 20 – JUNE 20
Planet: Venus

Dynamic: Life on planet Earth is not always easy for one such as you.

Direction: Monitor your words AND thoughts; they can be lethal weapons.

Soul Thought: Though men and women came from different planets, they came HERE to work together.


SEPT 21  –  OCT 21

Dynamic: A challenging month indeed but this is what you came here for.

Direction: Say, “Bring it on!”

Soul Thought: “Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.” Rumi


JAN 20 – FEB 20
Planet: Jupiter

Dynamic: Now is your time.

Direction: Bring on the Age of Aquarius!

Soul Thought: Humanity, Joy, Abundance and your Greatest Hopes and Wishes.


JUNE 20 – July 22
Planet: Neptune

Dynamic: You may be confused, but you really are in good space.

Direction: You’re in the clear; enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Soul Thought: Still waters run deep.



OCT 21 – NOV 20

Dynamic: You have the ability and the armor to be a true warrior.

Direction: What is it that you REALLY want to fight for?

Soul Thought: What is a Woman? What is a Man?


FEB 20 – MARCH 21
Planet: Pluto

Dynamic: You are one who can help raise the challenges to new values.

Direction: One step at a time, or with a great leap over the chasm of misunderstanding.

Soul Thought: These times are important.



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