“I always look at mainstream Astrology, which is based on one’s birth month, with a grain of salt because most often the information doesn’t reflect my personality nor inspire inquiry. My natal chart and progressed reports (15 years!) from Charlene are all based on my rising sign (with birth month sign secondary). Now my two signs, in order of Rising Sign first, then Sun Sign, validate, inspire and invite contemplation. Thank you, Charlene! Your skill of translating individual astrological maps combined with your other modalities and life lessons (Native American history & culture to name one!) benefits me greatly, on all levels, on a daily basis.”
— Brenda Heim, Fine Artist / Consultant, 2015



“I have known Charlene for over fifteen years. As part of my work I am often asked to recommend a ‘good astrologer.’ Enter Charlene Rose Johnson.  All of my friends, clients and students have returned to me with glowing reports of their astrological experiences with Charlene. Typically they speak of her extraordinary accuracy and enlightening guidance. But of course! She was trained by the best: Dr. Douglas Baker, the pre-eminent Esoteric Astrologer of this age. Now, that mantle falls on the most capable shoulders of this very same Charlene Rose Johnson.  My wife, Jeanette and I had our charts done by Charlene. WOW !! Like most of the people I sent to her found out, she was able to give answers to questions we didn’t even know we had ! If you are considering  having your chart done and read, I highly recommend Charlene Rose Johnson. You won’t be disappointed.”
–Rev. Don Zanghi, Doctor of Ministry



“I must admit that when you look in the dictionary under “Doubting Thomas” there is my photo staring back at you. So when a friend suggested Charlene Johnson do an astrological reading for me, my doubt began to blossom like crabgrass in a well-manicured lawn. Whoa there, astrology? Me? I still don’t know the signs of the zodiac other than I am a Leo, whatever that means. I AM A DOUBTER OF EVERYTHIING!  Well, not quite everything. I don’t doubt Charlene Johnson. She is one genuine human being in a world full of uncertainty. I can’t explain how she creates an astrological chart but I can vouch for her veracity, her loving heart, her optimism, her faith, her courage, her determination and her connection to the universe. Have faith in Charlene, I do.” 
— Gregory Kaufman, Licensed Psychotherapist, 2015


“Charlene is a remarkable astrologer! Her reading was thorough, insightful and full of wisdom as to the interpretations of the information applicable to both my personal and professional life in the past, present and more specifically to my future journey and potential life. Her reading has provided guidance and awareness as to challenging times and provided me with an understanding as to how to best respond and has been useful for planning purposes.”
— Michelle Kane, lawyer, 2015

“Recently, when I was in the depths of despair and suffering, I reached out to you for assistance. You acknowledged my pain, reaffirmed that my experience had purpose; which was for my benefit and foresaw the culmination of my suffering within three months. I am so delighted to confirm that everything you shared with me has come to fruition. I honestly did not believe my experience would ever change, especially not within three months. You have made a believer of me once again. Thank you for ALL that you do!”
— Tammy Alisa Spruell, Caregiver, 2015


“I decided to gift myself a natal chart from Charlene on one of my birthdays. It was fascinating how accurate it was! That was nearly 20 years ago! Since then I have continued to receive wonderful insights and shared her talent with others. I am blessed to call her a friend and I know you will be too!“
— Konnie Ort, High School Teacher, 2015


“I speak of you often and share your work with friends. Your insights have been a source of inspiration. Deeply appreciative!”
— Renee Annabel, Travel Advisor, 2015


 “Received it, read it, laughed and cried over it. Still digesting it. It is amazing! You are amazing! Thank you , many times over. I usually say, “keep up the good work” but in your case, it is, “Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!” — Don


“Not many people know that every year for the last 7 years, I have received a progressed esoteric astrology chart from my teacher and friend Charlene Rose Johnson. This tool has helped me immensely in making major life decisions and has awakened me to the infinite possibilities of the work that I am here to do this lifetime. It’s NOT in any way a ‘typical’ horoscope reading, rather an ancient wisdom that is nothing short of a precious gift. I’m lucky enough that she has accepted my invitation to come speak at Harmony Yoga Studio…”
— Christina Prieto, Owner & Yoga Instructor- Harmony Yoga Studio, 2013


FIRST … I open the Report package … What a beautiful and amazing packaging and presentation … WOW!!!!! I love what you do! I am super impressed!! Thank you!”
— Bernie Linnartz, Empowerment Experts, 2014


“I appreciate the report and summary you sent yesterday…It is your expertise in interpreting relationships that is of great value. Thank you for sharing your talent and skills once again.”
— Rachel R., Writer, 2012


“Thank you! Your reading brought some peace to my life … it made me realize I am right on track. It also gave me something to look forward to and to reach for. I have already recommended you to a few friends!” — Patricia


 “Oh my, that’s some gift you have, girl. I’m stunned…let me say this right now: I am in awe. Oh, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I re-read the progressed report again; you are starting to scare me. The … prediction came true in precisely the way described… Yes, I was 17 or 18 and no one alive today would know that! Do you think there is anything to this astrology stuff??!!” — Mark


 “I love your interpretations. You are spot on! I feel as if you are speaking to me, face to face … Thank you for your service! I sense an increase in power and clarity of purpose from you. Thanks for your clear channeling and gracious insight. Yeah! “
— Rachel R, Writer, 2012


“I just want you to know how instrumental you have been in my astrological searchings and understandings … a glass of water in a barren desert…”
— Terry Robinson, ER nurse’s aide, 2011


“Wow, oh my goodness,WOW. That was awesome! Ok I have read the whole thing and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have condensed so much information into these pages, leaving me feeling humbled and empowered all at once. Inspired is another good word for it. Or WOW. You are very good at what you do my friend, thank you for doing it for me.” – C.


“My first two or three impressions upon reading the report were ‘Ugghh!! Life is a challenge?!’ Fortunately, it was a timely assessment and helped me (accomplish something). It helps me affirm that which nurtures my soul. Charlene, you do honorable service. I look forward to a Progressed Report soon.”
— Rachel R., Writer, 2010


 “Charlene you are truly talented and blessed with a divine gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me so that I may have the opportunity to live a more enlightened life experience. PPS: Please feel free to share this with your listeners on your radio show or post it on your website. “
— Tammy Spruell, Caregiver, 2009


“It makes perfect sense and affirms the direction I was thinking about going. Now I just have to stay aware and let things unfold.” ? — Cindy

  “I received (child’s) Natal Report and it has given me much to brood and reflect upon. Additionally it has offered the opportunity for me to understand my intense feelings of responsibility to (child). I feel as if I owe you so much and feel indebted beyond my ability to repay. Once more, from all that my heart is able to send, I send my loving gratitude.” — T.


“I have a whole new and expanded perspective on the art and science of astrology—and sense that this was my time to be introduced to it. I have to admit to a fascination. And as I mentioned, it has made me more aware of how we are all on very unique and specific paths—helping me let go of judgment. Thank you so much for helping me see this and also for “opening” me up and helping me expand my awareness in so many ways.” — Mary


“As you are now fully versed in our challenges and blessings, it should come as no surprise that this report has been a gift; fresh wind in our sails. Much gratitude to You, a blessed fellow Aspirant on the Path.” — J&J


 “You did some reports for me a while back. I learned a lot about relationships in the past two years … that was intense reading material, right on! And I’m ready for some new insights!” — Karen


“I know my Progressed Report ends mid-January and I am already anxious about the forthcoming one. The current report proved invaluable. What a blessing you are. Your charts are priceless and I cannot see navigating without one. Thank you.”
— Terry Robinson, acupuncturist, 2007

“Charlene, I really hope that you’re around in my next lifetime; you’ve helped me so much and I’m ever so grateful!”
— Christina Prieto, Owner & Yoga Instructor- Harmony Yoga Studio, 2012


 “I cried when I got my Natal Report. It validated everything that has always made me feel so different!”
— Michael Rebel, Professional Psychotherapist, 2000


“There is much to be chewed on in your delineation and I am finding this all VERY useful. Thank you for undertaking this noble profession. May your path be illuminedby the stars!” — Phil


 “Thanks again for the detailed, and thought-provoking natal chart. My purpose has been known to me for many years – but there was something extremely profound in the experience of seeing it all in print. I understand much clearer and you gave me food for thought and ideas to investigate for many months to come I’m probably going to be discussing it with my mentor for many weeks!” — Joan


“I got to read my report and I am very delighted to see how much you knew about me! I didn’t tell you all that did I?” — Dianne


 “Thanks so much for my esoteric horoscope. I was touched that it was so personalized and rich with information.” — Betty


“I was thrilled, disturbed and blown away by the progressed chart! I need to read it again and again – it has already ‘lightened’ my spirit and brought some sense of loose ends being taken care of. I’ll be calling soon for Christmas gifts for friends.”
— Terri


 “This has been the best experience of my life! I was humbled and amazed at how all things were brought together… you have changed my life, and this world …”
— Niki


“Thank you for this opportunity to heal more!” — Jesse


 “I’ve just re-read my Progressed Report and it seemed to be much clearer than when I’ve read it in the past… I think I have really made a paradigm shift here. Life is really starting to have more shape and form to it – not so random and chaotic and I’m feeling more at peace, and at the same time, excited about the prospects of the future. I’m ready to do something wild!” — Sarah


 “The chart clarified much and added direction and guidance in the midst of confusion. I am blessed to have encountered you at such a time in this life.”
— Terry Robinson, Acupuncturist, 2006


“My experience of our (whole family) charts has been life-forming. We have now moved.”— R.


“Thank you so much for doing these reports! They have been life-changing already and I’ve only read them once. They explain so much about (partner) . . .  My whole thinking about (him) the future, etc. has changed. . . I can see why you love ‘this stuff!’” — S.


 “I’ve read my report several times and am still ‘digesting’ it. It’s a masterpiece – deep and complex – just perfect for Scorpio! I’m learning a lot just by reading and reflecting, and am amazed at the cover. Just as you predicted it has symbolic meaning. And I’m still visioning your dream.” — Marion


“Thank you so much for the Soul’s Purpose report. You predicted circumstances in the dream which played out right before my eyes, before I’d even read that part ofthe report!” — Emily


 “I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. We are so grateful for your gift and giving us a peek into this new, little person! He is a blessing and a challenge and now I understand why. Thank you!” — a Family


“I want to share a few notes with you, including that as of receiving this report, I am dedicating a part of my day to writing in my Spiritual Journal, as suggested. By sheer coincidence (HA!) I found a journal I’d had since 1999. . . Your statements about relationships – right on target!!! I will call soon about doing a report for (partner).” — Nancy


“I find all this stuff so fascinating! I would be happy to pay a higher fee if it takes more time to answer all my questions. Let me know and thank you so much!” — Kim


“I received it and I can’t thank you enough! Your report has already helped me as a tool for confirmations. THANK YOU!!! You have touched so many aspects of thethoughts and feelings I’ve had inside. You amazed me with the birth mark that looks like a —-! I DO have one … You are veraccurate. I want you to do my Progressed Chart next year.
— Valerie


“20– has been a very challenging year for me … My Natal and Progressed reports eluded to many of these occurrences. I am on an intense inward journey.” — Becky


“Thank you for the reading. The message of service to others as a path and also a clearing came through loud and clear. I am glad that is what I want!” — David


“I’ve read (father’s) report once; I’ll need to study and meditate on it, but right now, I’m speechless!!! … I deeply appreciate your penetrating insights; your ability to ‘see’ what’s really there is astounding.” — M


“Many thanks for the overview! A recent situation occurred where I did not react as I would have in the past. The dream is uncanny because I had a very similar one … (a friend) may call you for a reading.” — Marie


“I am touched in these ways by your report: It validates … this feedback DID fit and it helped me to go with the flow and to relax. Many reflections were on target or expressed in a new way.” –Marilyn

“I look forward to (my new baby’s) reading! I hope it’s good. But whatever it is, I believe in your work and I believe in you; I think you’re great! I’m looking forward to it.” — Amy

 “I must say your dreams were as metaphorically rich as those that I have … Thank you again for all the time you spent on this reading. I respect your gentleness and give thanks to Creator for putting you in my path. You do an honorable thing from love and you have my deepest gratitude.” — O.


“Thank you for your honesty and truth and I feel you are right on. I will call back my spirit which has been blown by the wind and move on in power, joy and beauty. No more spiritual whining! Thank you for your love and courage.” — S.


 “I wanted to thank you and take a moment to share. There is much in this reading that rings true. Guess I got more than I bargained for! The reading is/will be a vehicle for awareness and a catalyst for growth.” — A


“By the way, just about every single thing in my last progressed chart came to fruition. Pretty cool!!! Thanks again.” — Karen


“During our session you told me that I would soon know my best career path/ life purpose path.  I have!! Thank you for your astrologically-based insight.” — Geri


“If it weren’t for the fact that I know what’s going on and that I can step back from it and say ‘I’m not really crazy!’ I don’t know where I would be in my life. It doesn’t change what’s happening or necessarily make things better, but KNOWING what to expect, that this is who I’m supposed to be, makes things better. Thank you!!!”      — Sara


“Thank you for your wonderful chart. I read it through once last night, but clearly there is a need to reread and reread. Thank you for your thorough and beautiful work. It really resonated with me.” – R.


“Got report yesterday. Holy cow. How fascinating and enlightened I am now. Will be sharing with — today. How wonderful to understand myself now.” — Chris


“Just wanted to say; You are a gifted writer and so very talented at expressing spirit – the heart – evolution! I enjoy your gathering of insight so much! I have made giant leaps in the past with your report 7 years ago being the net of faith into which I jumped and found the courage to move…I receive much comfort thru your work and wanted to share. But man this stuff is good! I’ve known in my heart that this timing in my life was pressing me forward – further into the light – but having some written word that identifies our inner spinning with the great love and guidance of the universe offers more comfort than I can accurately express! Thank you!”
— Renee Annabel, Travel Advisor, 2005


“The binding that it came in was absolutely lovely, a really nice personal touch indeed! I wanted to say thanks.” — Marty


“I began reading it, but soon realized this was something that I wanted to give full attention to. I am in respectful awe of how you have used your knowledge and gifts to compile this chart for me. I so appreciate it!  I know I will benefit from this information, and indeed have already done so!” — Shelley


“Thanks so much for such a deep connection through the ideas, your thoughts and especially your special dream.” — Joan


“Insights are over flowing…. Thank you for all 4 reports!” — R.


“I’ve read my report about 5 times and his about 3 times and many breakthroughs are revealed. “(His) chart is exceptionally on target, which is helpful as I understand his and my relationship now.” — T.


 “I love the Mandala!” — G.

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