Featured Sign – Capricorn

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We end the year with the Sign of Initiation. How appropriate that Jesus, who underwent one of the greatest and most public of Initiations, as well as some not so well known, should be assigned this time of the year for his coming to Earth.

Capricorn is an Earth Sign, solid, stolid, and able to climb to the very peak of the mountains which it rules. Brenda Heim’s painting makes me think of the mountain we all climb and that there are many paths to the peak. As there are many paths, so we each also suffer our unique challenges, obstacles and distractions on our way to the top, to the Gate of Initiation. But oh, when we get there, the View we have!

The mountain is symbolic of your climb through karma, which Capricorn also rules. Your incentive changes from the base (early lives), when one is gluttonous and selfish, to halfway up (after many lives on earth) when you climb not just for yourself, but also for friends and family; until, by the time you have the peak in sight, you are climbing for the whole family of mankind. This 3-phase “climb” can also represent your immediate life and your evolution through it.

As we end 2015 and begin a brand new year, one promising to be full of challenges and the long-promised Changing Times, it is good to be aware of every step we take in Consciousness, even as the goat watches the rock-strewn path carefully. And it is equally good to know that when it is time to leap a chasm, our long practice has provided us with the muscle, the stamina and the discipline to know we can do it.

My teacher, Dr. Douglas Baker was a Capricorn, born on New Year’s Eve. He too chose to usher in a New Age. We have chosen to participate at this time for many strong and necessary reasons. Thank you for being part of the Human Family as we step forward into the New Year, the New Age, the New way of Living.

“Initiation is not something given lightly, nor is it bestowed on those who are not ready for it. It is a tremendous inner experience of a sudden thrust of life and consciousness into the personality, so that for ever after, consciousness is heightened and there is the capacity to take in and express more life-force.” Dr. Douglas Baker.

May the Force Be With You. Happy New Year!