Featured Sign – Aquarius

 Aquarius_Esoteric_Astrology_SkyDance_Astrology     Phoenix_bronze_Aquarius_Chinni

When we move into Aquarius, we are moving further and further away from self and into the whole idea of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It is a time when we recognize that it will take all of us to get where we need to go. This is the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Groups, Friendships and assisting one another in our Spiritual Evolution. For it is now that we realize we can’t really rise higher if we don’t assure that everyone is coming along with us, for we all are part of the same Source.

The Aquarian glyph Aquarius, so beautifully depicted in Peter Chinni’s sculpture above (if not consciously!) is indicative of the multiplicity of this Age, of what is now needed, of the fact that we are not just I, Me, but We. We walk hand in hand on the Path together.

It also shows the flow, not necessarily of water since Aquarius is an Air sign. But both Air and Water flow and so it all works together. It is the pouring forth, the sharing which is so nurturing. This reflection of a painting by Brenda Heim  is actually on a pane of glass through which the sun was setting. It SOOO reminds me of Water and Air at the same time, that I could not resist! And how timely that I snapped this just yesterday. I believe I was supposed to use it today. 🙂



Forming a Group, joining a Group, coming together in Friendship is all so appropriate for this time. When we know we have support, when we lend a helping hand to one another whatever the need, we can remember with Joy – another meaning of Aquarius – that we are all in this together.

“When the Sign of Man shall come, he will enlighten you in all things.” – Jesus the Christ