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Oral Readings

Oral readings can cover any of the topics below and include interaction between astrologer and client: questions, feedback, comments, etc. These are particularly efficient for meeting the client’s immediate/exact needs.

$60 / hour


Natal Report

Based on the birth chart, this is the foundation of all of the readings and reports. Pricing below is based on this report being done first.


Progressed Report

This report discusses current and future patterns, potentialities and possible challenges. It is renewable every time the Progressing Moon changes Signs or Houses. The price can vary depending upon how much has changed since the last report.

$400 w/ Natal complete

Specific Question Report

Dive deeply into single area; pricing depends on complexity of question.

$200 +

Compatibility Report

Potential relationships to explore include romantic partners, parent-child, friends, employee-employer, etc.

$400 w/Natal Complete

Death Report

Explains to survivors the meaning of the Completion of a Life


Birth of Anything (Pet, New Business, Launching of an Idea, New Relationship)

A Natal or Birth report can be done on the “birth” of anything


Transit Report

A check of daily transits and how it affects a decision, a trip to be made, a contract or any other Life Event. Price varies depending upon time-frame requested.

$200 +


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