Mythology, Astrology and Archetypes

A Series of Zoom Classes Hosted & Presented by


Including 4 Scholars of the Ancient Teachings

 All classes from 2:00 pm EST – 5:00 pm EST

You do not have to know astrology to attend

 OCTOBER 10: Claregate Graduate, Alan Boxall takes a look at the role of mythology in astrology including the myths behind the zodiac signs and the planets.

 OCTOBER 24: Well-known Mythologist and Author, Gary Kidgell explores the powerful symbolism of the “Labours of Hercules” based on the book by Alice Bailey and including his own observations on the stories. He will relate the 12 archetypal labors to the individual horoscope.

 NOVEMBER 7: Claregate Graduate, Charlene R Johnson of SkyDance Astrology relates modern-day Archetypes to the signs/houses of the zodiac.

 NOVEMBER 14: Well-known Metaphysical Professor and Author, Dr. Scott Olsen introduces the structure and archetypes of the Monomyth and links it to the ancient mysteries in a cross-cultural approach.

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More information re: the presenters and the courses will be forthcoming.

Each class available as a stand-alone: $45, or all 4 for $160