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  Hosted by SkyDance Astrology

 Presented by Rebecca Dingle      B.Es.Psych., B.Mph., B.A., Ph.D.

& Charlene R. Johnson   B.Mph, B. Es.Astrol

 This series will be presented in six 2-hour segments on six different days at 3:00 pm EST:

Class 1 – July 25) Introduction to the Rays – Origin and Basic Makeup of the Rays: CRJ&RD

A good stand-alone class to learn what folks are talking about when they discuss “The Rays,” or “Esoteric Psychology.”


 Class 2 – Aug 1) Introduction to Esoteric Makeup of Personality and Soul:       CRJ & RD

How the Rays manifest through each. A good stand-alone class to learn about the Interaction between the Rays and the five Vehicles of Consciousness.


 Class 3 – Aug 15) The Ray formula: How to do a Ray Analysis                CRJ & RD

     Partial Ray Analyses as a Teaching Tool Practicum


 Class 4 – Aug 22) The Rays & Astrology                                    CRJ & RD

Introduction to how the Rays and Astrology work Together.


 Class 5 – Sep 5) Working with YOUR rays and/or shifting them              CRJ & RD

     A partial Ray Analysis Demo as a Teaching Tool Practicum


Class 6 – Sep 12) A full Ray Analysis Compiling all that has been Learned          CRJ & RD

     Q & A          

 This series will be recorded and able to be purchased in future for the same prices. If you purchase only 1 or 2, please inform SkyDance Astrology which classes you choose via email. THANK YOU!

A single Class purchased at a time $40
Two Classes purchased at a time  $75
Whole Series of 6 purchased at one time $200

  For questions or concerns please contact SkyDance Astrology