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  Hosted by SkyDance Astrology

 Presented by Rebecca Dingle      B.Es.Psych., B.Mph., B.A., Ph.D.

& Charlene R. Johnson   B.Mph, B. Es.Astrol

 This series will be presented in six 2-hour segments on six different days at 3:00 pm EST:


Class 1 -July 25) Introduction to the Rays – Origin and Basic Makeup of the Rays: CRJ

A good stand-alone class to learn what folks are talking about when they discuss “The Rays,” or “Esoteric Psychology.”

Class 2 – Aug 1) Introduction to Esoteric Makeup of Personality and Soul:     RD

How the Rays manifest through each. A good stand-alone class to learn about the interaction between the Rays and the five Vehicles of Consciousness.

 Class 3 -Aug 15) The Ray Formula – Personality Integration                                      RD

The – 3-centered Awareness. A partial Ray Analysis demo as a teaching tool practicum

Class 4 -Aug 22) Working with YOUR rays and/or shifting them                               RD

 A partial Ray Analysis demo as a teaching tool practicum

Class 5 -Sep 5) The Rays and Astrology                                                                                       RD & CRJ

Introduction to how the Rays and Astrology work together.

Class 6 -Sep 12)  A full Ray Analysis compiling all that has been learned                RD & CRJ

                                  Q & A

 Tips will be interwoven throughout the series to incorporate the Rays into everyday life.


This series will be recorded and able to be purchased in future for the same prices. If you purchase only 1 or 2, please inform SkyDance Astrology which classes you choose via email. THANK YOU!

A single Class purchased at a time $40
Two Classes purchased at a time  $75
Whole Series of 6 purchased at one time $200

  For questions or concerns please contact SkyDance Astrology