“There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there’s another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.” Rumi

           The year 2020 could well go down in history as the year we couldn’t breathe. Although George Floyd died on May 25, prompting the phrase which originated with another Black man killed in 2014, many Black people feel they haven’t been able to breathe for generations in America. Breathing started slowing down for everyone however, much earlier in the year than May. For most Americans it started trickling into our lives in February and March, earlier for others around the world who stopped breathing in December and January. The disease carries symptoms of struggling to breathe; too many have literally stopped breathing. The rest of us, in lockdown in our own homes, and hidden from one another behind masks soon began to feel like we too, were choking. It’s occurring on other levels as well. The year started with fires choking humans and animals alike in Australia and soon our own west coast fires were adding to this 2020 idea of not being able to breathe.

          Breath and breathing are ruled by Gemini, the sign of our full moon the end of this month. Donald Trump has a Gemini Sun, a Gemini personality. However, he is MEANT to aspire to his Leo Rising, a sign of Love, and a fire sign. Fire and Air, Leo and Gemini, firing up the nation and the world, in more ways than one. On November 30, the full Moon and the planet Earth will both be parked right on top of his personality which lives in the 11th house of all of Humanity. A literal translation of Gemini in combination with Leo is, “The “Breath of Life.” The chart of our own U.S. has Gemini Rising (according to Dr. Douglas Baker), which is the first indicator of this country’s Soul’s Purpose. In this time of transformation, may we all focus on breathing deeply with each other and for each other, as we transform into the new humanity.

 Everyone: On November 30 honor the Full Moon by breathing deeply and with love for all.



Planet: Mercury

Dynamic: The “Commander in Chief” is a real concept for you.

Direction: Exercise your authority with dignity and compassion.

Soul Thought: Who is the real Commander in Chief?


JULY 22 – AUG 22
Planet: Sun

Dynamic: You may be battle-ready but no true enemy exists.

Direction: Re-focus all that energy into positive outcomes.

Soul Thought: What is white magic?


NOV 20 – DEC 21
Planet: Earth

Dynamic: Set your sights high as you take a deep breath.

Direction: Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Soul Thought: The Planet needs your Highest Aspirations.


APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Planet: Vulcan

Dynamic: A sense of being yanked about diminishes as the month progresses.

Direction: Especially if you put that feeling into different words.

Soul Thought: How does, “shown different potentialities” sound?


Planet: Moon

Dynamic: Full moons and Gemini, twice in the month.

Direction: The practice of deep breathing could be powerful and effective.

Soul Thought: “Fear is excitement without the breath.” Fritz Perls


 DEC 21 – JAN 20
Planet: Saturns

Dynamic: It’s a time for strength . . . with vision.

Direction: Focus.

Soul Thought: It’s taken many lifetimes to get to this moment in time.


MAY 20 – JUNE 20
Planet: Venus

Dynamic: Bridges are an important concept for you this month.

Direction: What torrent can you bridge?

Soul Thought: “Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” Thich Nhat Hanh


SEPT 21  –  OCT 21

Dynamic: Polarities can bring out weird and wacky ideas or events.

Direction: Great opportunity for thinking outside the box!

Soul Thought: And creating a bigger box for the future.


JAN 20 – FEB 20
Planet: Jupiter

Dynamic: This challenging time eases a bit for you by month’s end.

Direction: But don’t hold your breath.

Soul Thought: Unless your are completing your cycle.


JUNE 20 – July 22
Planet: Neptune

Dynamic: A lovely month with lots of potential spiritually.

Direction: Clarity of purpose is very possible.

Soul Thought: “Any fool can know; the point is to understand.” Albert Einstein


OCT 21 – NOV 20

Dynamic: You have strong potential for creating something new now.

Direction: Use it on behalf of all.

Soul Thought: God is creation.


FEB 20 – MARCH 21
Planet: Pluto

Dynamic: Do you sense what’s coming?

Direction: Remember, you chose to be here at this time. Stand steady.

Soul Thought: “Eyes Wide Open” Sabrina Carpenter



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