Featured Sign – Gemini

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We are excited to share our thoughts and ideas regarding Esoteric Astrology and its myriad connections to all Esoteric subjects. Astrology is so much more than a language of symbols and glyphs which many people find confusing. The Signs,  Planets and Rays express themselves – as we are doing here – through Color and Artwork, Song and Poetry.

I am fortunate enough to be acquainted with several artists whose work is a deep, visceral expression of their own spiritual journeys. Abstract American Artist, Brenda Heim – www.heimart.com – calls her work, “Soul of the Brush!” Her painting on the homepage, “Flying Cyan” forms the backdrop behind the stained glass panels, suggesting a depth and complexity  which transcends mere human existence.


This painting, “Indigo Abstract” offers the indigo blue color of the 2nd Ray and, the lightness of Air and Being. Both this painting and the sculpture, “Pod” seen above by revered Master Sculptor, Peter Chinni, www.peterchinni.com – suggest not only the duality of Gemini, but the  idea that everything in our existence is all about us. When we look for the cause of what is going on around us, whether it be problem or blessing, the disciple soon realizes that the Source is inside. “The World is a Reflection of Me,” is not a statement of ego, but a recognition. The Venus glyph even looks like a hand mirror:

Venus as the Mirror

“For now we see through a glass darkly; but then, face to face.
Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”